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The WebTrader or online trading is a state of the art web based trading platform that provides the trader complete access to a market’s information from any device that has both internet connection and a web browser. Crypto Investment Base’s clients who access the WebTrader gain peerless control with their trading decisions and have total market access from their fingertips.

Key features offered by the WebTrader platform:

Clients can also benefit from these features:

The trading world today is a fast paced one and anything that provides a trader support to become a successful trader is welcomed. Online trading provides that sought out support with its insightful interface and complete trade information. Instead of having difficulty grasping the concepts of difficult software's, we at Crypto Investment Base let our traders focus solely on the trade, considering that the trading platform should be an extension in trading rather than a troublesome burden.

We that once presented with a trade opportunity you often lack the time to understand the details of your chosen trading platform. This is why we provide clients the opportunity to both open and close their respective trades in just milliseconds with a simple click of the mouse.

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