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Trader Tools

Maximizing earning potential requires using the proper tools. Accordingly, Crypto Investment Base's online platform puts at your disposal the tools that will help you optimize trading by presenting you with data essential for making decisions and adopting trading strategies that fit the ever changing circumstances in the different financial markets.

Your tools menu consists of the following:

  • An economic calendar shows the major macro-economic events scheduled for the next couple of days. These events exert significant influence on the market and may cause trends to shift.
  • Calculators help you perform various calculations needed for trading, such as the worth of a pip or how much margin a certain position requires.
  • Market analysis presents you with a review of current market trends to help you decides which assets you should invest in. Crypto Investment Base's reviews are written by expert brokers with in-depth knowledge of the various trading arenas.
  • Chart analysis – provides technical analyses for current trends to enable you to formulate various investment scenarios.
  • Asset index gives you a full and well organized menu of the assets available for investment on Crypto Investment Base's platform.
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