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Traders have their own preferences when it comes to trading stocks. Some prefer to focus on a single stock while others focus on groups. Crypto Investment Base offers CFD trading for those who choose to focus on groups, CFD or Contract for Differences is a type of contract where differences are settled with cash payment it is also considered to be the simpler method of settlement because the gains and losses are paid in cash. This allows you to conveniently trade with some of the world’s known stocks with a single account.

You are able to choose between common or preferred stock. Common gives the holder a place to make a vote in the company and receive dividends while the latter lacks the right to vote but generally has a higher claim on the stock’s earnings.

Stock trading with CFD gives you the opportunity to trade in both the long and short side of the market minus the restrictions that accompany the short sale of stocks. With Crypto Investment Base trading stocks no longer requires waiting for an uptick prior to going short on a stock.

If you are looking to expand your horizons in trading you may also want to try and trade with commodities.

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