We would hate to see you lose money on our platform. Please read and follow the instructions.
  1. Register with your real name
  2. We do not allow email address change after registration, This is for your own protection, so your investment and interest/profits get to your designated wallet even though your account is hacked or compromised in anyway. If you can no longer use the email address you signed up with, contact us immediately and we will block the associated account and your investment plus profit if any has accrued will be returned to your designated wallet address. Identity verification will be necessary to do this and be ready to answer some questions about the account in question
  3. This platform is a strong advocate of one person one account system. If multiple accounts are detected from any one user, It will ultimately lead to a ban and automatic forfeiture of all profits and bonuses accrued and your investment will be returned to the investment wallet you sent from and you might never be able to register again
  4. When investing with BTC, We will recharge to your account immediately after "1 network confirmation", which usually takes from 20 minutes to a few hours if you set the network fee properly. Please pay higher network fee to speed up deposit to your investment account, If you set very low network fee, It may take forever until there's "1 network confirmation", if your transaction can't get "1 network confirmation" after 48 hours, it will be dropped by the BTC payment system.
  5. The order expire time is 48 hours! Please pay within 48 hours
  6. Please pay the "Order Amount" in full before the order expire time(48 hours since you created this order), If you only paid a part of the order amount, you need to pay the rest before the order expire time as soon as possible
  7. Some wallets charge the Network Fee/Miner Fee from the amount you sent, not from your BTC balance in your wallet. You need to change the settings in your wallet to pay the Network Fee from your wallet balance, Otherwise our investment wallet will always be underpaid with small amount to the "Order Amount". (E.g. You're supposed to pay a store 1 BTC, the Network Fee is 0.001, if the Network Fee is charged from the BTC amount you sent, then the store will only get 0.999 BTC not 1 BTC).
  8. Please contact us for any problems concerning your investment and this usually will be resolved withing 48 Hrs.
  9. If you paid the BTC after the order expired, or if you paid more BTC amount than the amount the required investment amount, contact us immediately to resolve this